Interim Administration

Arab Horse Society of South AfricaAn important newsflash for all members of the Arab Horse Society of South Africa.


A complaint was lodged with the Registrar of Animal Improvement with regard to amendments that were made to the Constitution of the Society which were not done according to the requirements of our Constitution and the Animal Improvement Act.

The President of the Society, Wesley Hayes, and the Manager of the Secretariat, Chris Els, met with the Registrar on the 3rd of November 2015 to discuss these problems.

In summary, the Registrar has had to made interim administrative arrangements. This means that the elections of the current council members have been declared null & void, and the President and the Manager will have to handle all Society matters for the time being. The amended Constitution will be submitted to a Special General Meeting for approval as soon as possible. The approved document will then be sent to the Registrar for his final approval.

Here is the President’s letter in full.

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