Johrhemar NATIH Ibn-Shakkarr

Johrhemr Natih Ibn-Shakarr - Boiselle

Johrhemar NATIH Ibn-Shakarr
Dapple grey pure Arabian stallion, height 15.3hh
DOB : 12/10/2009

Our prize stud stallion, a very proud and honest horse whose temperament is to die for. He entails of a very unique character as can be seen as a diverse horse giving you the best in many ways, he holds himself high and is soft to the touch. A substantial horse in having a truly compacted, rounded body with fine proportional ends. Low maintenance and very obedient Natih, is definitely a sole stud stallion and sire.

Skyroo STUD
Sean & Kath Rees-Gibbs
Oudekraal, Boesmansrivier, Bonnievale, Western Cape, South Africa
+27 21 438 7436
0825700665 | 0844885317 | 0825596763

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