Nationals Stabling & Program

Nationals 2014 - bannerAre you going to the SA Arab Nationals next week?

If you’re one of the competitors, please check through the program carefully to see that all your horses are listed. Also, please ensure that you have been allocated the right amount of stabling. You can open the PDFS from the links below.

We’ve implemented a new system for entries, and there have been a few teething problems along the way. Hopefully, all technical issues have been sorted out, and it’ll be plain sailing from now on. Thank you for your patience!

For more information, please contact:

  • Zadia Schutte on 082 455 8894 or e-mail
  • Thinus Sonnekus on 082 551 7191
  • Carol Ann Paterson on 082 750 1287 for Dressage classes

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