Outstanding accounts

To all members of the Arab Horse Society of South Africa whose accounts are in arrears: please read the notice below from our Manager, Chris Els.


AGM 2015“Any member who has failed to pay his current annual subscription shall be barred from showing or voting at the AGM. One of the most important consequences of not settling an outstanding account is that a member whose membership has been terminated because he/she failed to pay his/her subscription has to apply for reinstatement of membership – and this unfortunately comes at additional costs.”

When you make a bank transfer or a deposit into the Arab Horse Society of South Africa’s bank account, please ensure you use the account number allocated to you by the Society as the REFERENCE, ie HAA001 or RUQ001 etc.

If you are unsure what your account number is, please contact the office in Bloemfontein, and Charmaine or Marike will provide you with the necessary details.


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