SA Stud Book’s Elite Events

SA StudbookHere is a letter to all members of SA Studbook, and users of the Logix service, from Dr Pierre van Rooyen, General Manager of  SA Stud Book, about this year’s Elite Events.

“We are excited about the year ahead. Stud Book’s Animal Scientists team is constantly keeping themselves abreast of the latest scientific findings from all over the world. Information is evaluated with the view of its relevance to South Africa’s conditions in order to implement the necessary adjustments to our programs and reports to ensure world class services to you. This will ensure that our stud breeders are kept on the forefront of the genetic improvement of their animals.

Stud Book starts early in the year with our annual Elite events and will appreciate it if you would diarise these dates:

Tuesday, 28 April
Vleissentraal / SA Stud Book Elite Bull Growth Test Class (all breeders welcome)
Standard Bank / SA Stud Book Elite Prize giving Dinner (by invitation)

Wednesday, 29 April

Voermol / SA Stud Book Elite Breeding Symposium (a must for all breeders)
Speakers :

  • Main theme: Added benefits from Animal Recording.
    • Main speaker: Prof Dorian Garrick, Iowa State University, USA
  • The practical value of genomics for the larger livestock industry.
    • Prof Este van Marle-Köster, UP
  • Utilization of recorded data to promote optimal management practices such as animal health, etc.
    • Dr Danie Odendaal en Dr Faffa Malan
  • Panel discussion

To read the full letter, in Afrikaans & English, click on the links below:


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