The Potch ‘MET’ Challenge!

plywood horse 2One of the highlights of the North West Training Show will be the Potch MET Wooden Horse Race, with a R5,000 grand prize at stake.


The rules are very simple:

  • Buy a plywood horse (1m x 1m), which is delivered to you as soon as your entry has been received.
  • Brand your horse, eg with your stud or business – great marketing!
    • Paint it, dress it up, decorate it, turn it out, do whatever you like… Some clever racers even affix wheels, but don’t tell anyone we told you so.
  • Bring your mount to the gala event, along with its’ ‘jockey’ and a gambler to spin the lucky wheel.
  • Best horse wins!
  • Cost – R1,500, and the winner takes home R5,000!

For more information, please contact Theodor Mienie on 082 785 9248 or

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