SA Studbook

SA Studbook

The SA Studbook is the prime organisation for farm animal recording and improvement in South Africa and other parts of the world.


  • To assist in the improvement of production efficiency of farm Animals in South Africa and elsewhere;
  • To keep records of the pedigrees, recording certificates and performance data of animals and to issue certificates of registration recording performance and genetic merit and to publish this information;
  • To encourage and promote the breeding and genetic improvement of the production efficiency potential of animals;
  • To verify the pedigrees and other information of imported animals;
  • To manage the Logix Animal Recording database ( and Logix Animal Recording (LAR);
  • To safeguard and advance the common interests of breeders of pure-bred animals, registering with the Association, as well as breeders of commercial animals in South Africa and other countries;
  • To render technical, scientific and advisory services to members and others.

The Logix system is a collection of databases and programs that addresses the animal recording needs of a broad spectrum of role-players within the livestock industry, from breeders and owners of purebred animals to the personnel of registering authorities, performance recording agencies, National and Provincial Government agencies, advisors and consultants and related industry organisations.

Logix is your first stop for finding out pedigree, owner & other information about any registered purebred, part-bred or Anglo Arabian horse in South Africa.

If you are not registered on Logix, you can login as a guest to search for information. The username is GUEST and the password is LOGIX.


ARC vs SA Stud Book

In a verdict that could cause shockwaves throughout the stud breeding industry in South Africa, the high court has ruled that the INTERGIS database operated by the Agricultural Research Council (Landbounavorsingsraad) is the only legal national system…