Unknown Payments

PAIDDear Members,

When you make a bank transfer or a deposit into the Arab Horse Society of South Africa’s bank account, please ensure you use the account number allocated to you by the Society as the REFERENCE, ie HAA001 or RUQ001 etc.

If you are unsure what your account number is, please contact the office in Bloemfontein, and Charmaine or Marike will provide you with the necessary details.

There are a number of unknown deposits on the list below (click on the link). Please check through it, and if you recognise one of them as yours, contact the secretaries with some of proof of payment to claim it.

Unknown Deposits ARABS – 2014 04 24

The Arab Horse Society of SA has over 800 members, and with the accounting department dealing with payments for us and another 24 Breed Societies, it is impossible for them to keep track of random payments!

There are only two instance when a payment does not require an account number as reference:

  • When it is a NEW MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION for which there is as yet not account number, in which case they use their name, but it must  be accompanied by a faxed or e-mailed proof of payment.
  • When a NON-MEMBER is paying for a transfer, in which case they use the name of the HORSE, but that must be accompanied by a faxed or e-mail proof of payment.

Many thanks


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