Arab Horse Society of South Africa Mission




Arab Horse Society of South Africa


The Arab Horse Society of South Africa is the breed society for the pure bred Arab, Anglo Arab, and part-bred Arab horses in South Africa.  The AHSSA was constituted in 1961 and is a member of the WAHO and affiliated to the SA Studbook.



  1. To promote and encourage the breeding and improvement of Arab, Shagya Arab, Anglo Arab, part-bred Arab and part-bred Shagya Arab horses in South Africa.
  2. To compile, keep and maintain accurate records of the pedigrees and particulars of all purebred Arab and Shagya Arab horses for the purposes of registration with the Association and in the Stud Book,
  3. To keep accurate records of Anglo Arab and part-bred Arab horses (which can now also be registered with the Society).
  4. To guide and assist members with the purchase and sale of horses.
  5. To promote sales of registered or recorded (or eligible for registration or recording) horses.
  6. To obtain the formation of classes for horses at shows, to nominate judges who are considered qualified and competent to judge these breeds; and to impress upon Agricultural Societies and others, the advisability and necessity of appointing only judges recommended by the Society.
  7. To hold judges’ courses from time to time to qualify members and interested persons as official judges of the Society.
  8. To allow and encourage the formation of Provincial Clubs to further the objectives of the Society.
  9. To annually compile a list of qualified judges that will serve as a panel of judges at shows of the Society and to state in such a list each class listed in the Society’s show Rules that a particular judge is qualified to adjudicate.