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Rest in Peace, Sidi Exclusive

21 October 2000 - 10 August 2018

TR Scarlet Scorpion X Sidi Istasha
The star of the Young Black Stallion movie.

To the world you were the star of the Young Black Stallion movie... to me you were my world, I HAVE BEEN BLESSED WITH YOUR PRESENCE FOR 14 YEARS, for the last 8 years of your life just a wall separated my bedroom from your stable, never has the silence of an empty stable been so unbearable, never have I feared the silence of an early morning without your familiar and overwhelming "good morning" neigh.

Good bye my Oogies, thank you for enriching my life, thank you for your kindness, love, loyalty and dedication, thank you for every time we travelled together to your many events and shows, thank you for sharing your paddock and tree as my office where I wrote most of my articles and stories, many a time your soft nose would ruffle my pages, thank you for the privilege, the honor of being your caretaker.

Most horses are remembered for a show record, racing record, champions they bred, but that is all just man made honors, you were our Heavenly Father's chosen one, you were perfect in His eyes, He handpicked you from millions of Arabians the world over to be the face of the Arabian horse the world over. You are a one of a kind, once in a lifetime Father chooses to spoil us with something truly special and unique... you are and will always be EXCLUSIVE. Every time someone watches the movie and goes in search for their perfect Arabian horse, your face will echo in their minds. What you did in life will echo in eternity... Good bye my beloved EXCLUSIVE!

Zandri Reynolds



Elkasun Arabian Horses Open Day

18 June 2018

Following Paris 2018, please join us as we showcase our exciting 2017 & 2018 IBN Farid offspring and introduce you to Shams Al Din AA. A few more surprises to follow… RSVP is essential. We look forward to welcoming you!

Jack Maritz



Shams Al Din AA

3 Mei 2018

Sign a breeding contract during the Northern Cape Championships this week, and receive a R5 000 discount on the breeding fee! Terms and Conditions apply.

Jack Maritz



Baie Geluk aan Jack Maritz

3 Mei 2018

Baie geluk aan Jack Maritz met ‘n Platinum toekening by SA Stamboek se Perde stoet van die Jaar.

Congratulations to Jack Maritz with his Platinum award as SA Stud Book Horse Stud of the Year.

Jack Maritz







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